Buyer names: Olivia, 25 and Joel, 29
Occupations: Primary School Teacher, Retail Manager
Date of purchase: August 2020
Development: Fretson Park, Sheffield
House style: Kilkenny, 3 bedroom detached
Purchase price: £149,995
Mortgage cost: £395 per month

Liv and her boyfriend Joel, after being together for five years, were getting tired of living between their parent’s houses and were ready for their own space.

Settled in their careers, of teaching and retail management, the couple just needed to find a place to call home but knew they wanted to buy rather than rent. With Joel's sister owning a Gleeson home they knew where to start and before long they had found their ideal 3 bedroom detached home, a Kilkenny with a garage on one of our Sheffield based developments.

Paying less than £400 for their mortgage, Liv and Joel can't believe how affordable their home is and are enjoying the freedom of homeownership.