Local Homes for Local People

Owner occupiers shoulder responsibility for their homes and are stakeholders in society, which is why we refuse to sell our homes to private landlords.

We are happy to see our customers profit from their purchase, but we do not wish to put the profit into the pockets of private landlords.

Local Jobs for Local People

We're not just committed to building communities, but involving the communities in which we build by employing individuals who live within the local area of our developments. We want to ensure that we are making a real and lasting contribution to the local community and economy.

Real Living Wage

We were the first listed housebuilder to be accredited by the Living Wage Foundation for paying our employees a “real” living wage. We require all of our subcontractors to pay their operatives in accordance with the real Living Wage, when working on Gleeson sites.

Modern Slavery

At MJ Gleeson plc we are committed to maintaining the highest ethical standards in all our relationships across all our businesses. Our reputation is extremely important to us and is built around us maintaining these standards.

We recognise modern slavery and human trafficking as an important human rights issue and we are committed to taking appropriate and proportionate steps to ensure human rights are fully upheld within our Group and within our supply chain

For further details, our Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement can be found here.

Please click here to view our Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking policy.

Whistleblowing Policy

The Group has in place, a Whistleblowing Policy and a dedicated impartial whistleblowing reporting line to report instances of, not limited to, fraud, security, harassment, bullying, discrimination, health, safety and environmental concerns.

Please click here to view our Whistleblowing policy.

Anti-bribery and Corruption Policy

The Group has in place an Anti-Bribery & Corruption Policy that establishes our ethical approach to trading. This policy reflects the Vision, Mission and Values of the Company and allows us to build a solid reputation that our stakeholders would expect from us.

Please click here to view our Anti-bribery and Corruption policy.

The Gender Pay gap 

We strive to pay our employees equally regardless of their gender, for the same or equivalent work. We do not discriminate based on gender and have a 6% median pay gap in favour of women. Women occupy 22% of our highest-paid jobs and 15% of our lowest paid jobs.

We will continue to carry out pay and benefits audits at regular intervals and managers who are involved in these audits understand the background to pay and benefits and how it impacts their staff.

We take part in and sponsor Women in Construction and Women in Property networking events where we gain more insight into how we can encourage more females into construction.

We reinforce the message with our internal recruitment team to seek ways of recruiting more females into the construction industry. We continue to look at roles that females occupy and review how our succession planning programme fits in with these roles.

We are also reviewing all of our current job descriptions to make sure that they are all inclusive.

Read our gender pay gap report 2021 here.

Click here to read our reports from 2020.  2019 and 2018

Please click here to view our Equal Opportunities policy.