Affordable Homes

We build high-quality, affordable homes. A working couple on the National Minimum Wage can afford to buy a home on any Gleeson Homes development.

Sports Foundation

Our Sports Foundation provides sponsorship opportunities for local junior sports clubs and teams in the areas in which we are building. This year alone we spent almost £4,000 on junior sports sponsorship, and in the history of the programme we have sponsored over 100 clubs and teams including netball, football, rugby, tennis, cricket, athletics, ice hockey, and boxing

Engagement with Local Schools

We have always worked closely with schools close to our developments and engage with them in many ways, including:

  • Holding health and safety talks to discuss the dangers of building sites;
  • Inviting pupils to visit our sites, to talk to the sales and build teams and gain an understanding of what goes into creating a Gleeson development; and holding “Design a Bedroom” competitions with the winning entry being recreated in one of our show homes

This year we also launched a competition to allow students at a local school to name our development in Egremont, Cumbria.

Pupils at Bookwell Primary were tasked with creating a new name for the 29-plot site, which is adjacent to the school. There were some fantastic entries, but the winning entry was submitted by Joel Pickering, a Year 4 student, who chose “Florence Drive” — inspired by the now defunct Florence Mine, which is now home to an arts centre. Joel was awarded with a personal £50 book token and a £150 of book token for his school library.

Pride in Home Ownership

We foster a sense of pride in home ownership and engagement in the local community by only selling to residents; we do not sell to investors or landlords. We also believe that, wherever possible, home ownership should include the land on which it is built, and we sell our homes as freehold wherever possible. The only times we sell homes as leasehold is when we do not own the land ourselves, and a peppercorn ground rent is payable on these homes.

Fair Tax Mark

We have met the standards to be granted the Fair Tax Mark. This accreditation is provided to companies who pay the right amount of tax, at the right time and in the right place. We pay our tax fairly and in line with what we owe and are open and transparent over our tax affairs and our tax strategy, a copy of which can be found here.