Our Commitment to a Sustainable Future.

The Board places social responsibility at the heart of everything that we do. There are many things that the Company can feel justifiably proud of:

•  We transform people’s lives through building and selling high-quality, low-cost homes
•  We regenerate once-neglected areas into thriving communities
•  We build homes for key workers
•  We sell mostly to young, first time buyers
•  We are a real Living Wage employer

Sustainability Report

Our approach to sustainability is based
around our impact on communities, people and the environment

MJ Gleeson Sustainability Report

Sustainability Policy

We have formalised our approach to sustainability in a sustainability policy.

Sustainability Policy
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Our people are our greatest asset and we are committed to employing talented, passionate people who live local to our developments.
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We build communities, allowing young people to escape the rent trap and create wealth through home ownership, planting down lifelong roots in their local area
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We care about the health and growth of the environment, striving to ensure that we protect local wildlife living close to our developments, recycle our waste and use sustainable material sources.