Environmental Vision

“A community culture where the environment is second nature and industry leading performance is delivered by living and breathing environmental best practice”.

As an industry leader in our chosen sectors of urban housing regeneration and strategic land trading, we are fully aware of the positive and negative impacts that our activities could have on the natural and built environment.  We currently operate an environmental management system which accords with ISO 14001 and this ensures that we strive to continually improve our environmental performance far beyond the legal requirements, minimising the environmental impacts of our activities.

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Environmental Management System Structure

The Group’s business units each have an environmental management system which controls how environmental performance is managed.  At the operational level, each site carries out a project environmental risk assessment and develops an environmental plan, dependent on the complexity of the job and the risks encountered.

The Group’s environmental strategy is focused on:

  • minimisation of environmental risk and maximisation of environmental opportunity; and
  • ensuring knowledge and understanding is at a level where all employees are aware of the environmental responsibilities involved in their job

Waste Management – Minimisation & Recycling

Site waste management plans are put in place at the start of each project and form part of the specific site environmental plan.  Suitable recovery or disposal arrangements are made for all wastes.  Arrangements are identified for dealing with all waste in line with environmental agency recommendations.

Timber policy

The Group has a timber purchasing policy which requires that all timber provided or used in the manufacture of its products must be obtained from a certified sustainable source.  The Group complied with this policy throughout the year.