Group Health and Safety Policy Statement

M J Gleeson plc operates in the following sectors of urban housing regeneration and strategic land trading. The Directors are committed to planning, controlling and reviewing the Group’s activities in such a manner, that wherever practicable, no harm or ill health befalls employees, subcontractors or members of the public.

Towards achieving this objective:

  • the Directors will ensure adequate resources are provided in terms of finance, time and people to meet the Group’s health and safety and operational needs
  • avoidance of occupational injury and ill-health will be given priority in methods of work and selection of contractors, and will not be compromised
  • there will be full compliance with legal safety requirements
  • work will only be undertaken, managed and supervised by those who are competent; training will be available to all employees concerned
  • all accidents, incidents and near-misses will be recorded; significant events reported, investigated, and the findings shared; in order to continually improve the health and safety performance of the Company
  • there will be a regular review and audit of Group and Company Health and Safety Management Systems
  • the annual objective and target scheme, aimed at the most significant areas of risk, will be monitored as a tool to drive continual improvement
  • all employees and contractors are required to cooperate with Company policies and with each other as a vital part of our strong health and safety culture
  • both employees and contractors are encouraged to contribute to the safest methods of working through the consultation and representative schemes, workplace inductions and task briefings etc
  • up to date safety information, in the form of procedures, manuals, job-specific risk assessments, method statements and work plans, will be accessible at the point of use
  • good practice will be shared through regular meetings, intranets, health and safety bulletins, while expert advice will be always available from in-house, qualified and experienced health and safety professionals
  • breach of safety rules will be corrected, investigated and appropriate disciplinary action taken against those who create or condone unnecessary risk.

The Directors recognise and value the importance of the Group’s award-winning health and safety culture and ask everyone to play an enthusiastic part in maintaining and improving on it. We must all be vigilant; quickly reporting dangerous acts or situations and striving to make our workplaces safer and better places to work.